OToday, the assortment of Delizia 2000’s products range from traditional preserves of artichokes, olives, various types of mushrooms, peppers, aubergines, dried tomatoes and many other vegetables prepared by hand according to the most venerable rural recipes.

Artichokes are Delizia 2000’s most important product. They are cultivated directly by the company’s own supply chain and processed from fresh during the harvest season. Their processing respects the homemade methods and recipes. The result is a genuine product, with a unique fragrance.

The mushroom line embodies attention to detail in our production department, whether the mushrooms are sourced locally or internationally. Carefully selected and packaged by hand, in order to avoid breakage and improve their presentation, these fragile but appetizing specialities are prepared according to a time-honoured secret recipe that gives them a truly special aroma.

Our olives are selected at harvest and carefully sorted by type and size. The different types are then prepared in various ways: green and black whole, pitted, stuffed and ring-cut. Our Bella di Cerignola olives are a local speciality famous throughout the world.

Prepared fresh from picking, our vegetable preserves are extremely popular for their versatility. Ideal as a side dish for grilled and boiled meat, but also as an appetizer or filling for toasted sandwiches and rolls. A delicacy to be tasted!

Vegetables and greens carefully selected and prepared to preserve all their fresh aromas and flavours.

Simple and tasty specialties such as peppers with just the right spiciness and a soft tuna filling, pitted and seasoned ripe olives, sliced tomatoes dried gently in the sun, and sweet and sour and balsamic vinegar marinated onions. Genuine goodness with unique and intense flavours to be enjoyed in all seasons.


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