Naturally good

Delizia 2000, based in Trinitapoli, Italy. Delizia 2000 is one of the leading producers of the fruit, vegetable and preserve sector on the Tavoliere delle Puglie plain in northern Apulia, Italy.
Its main activities are focused on the processing of the freshest produce, made possible due its location in an area of great fruit and vegetable growing traditions. Since its inception, it has sought to preserve and revive Apulia’s time- old traditions in this sector by selecting the very best produce from the surrounding countryside, in total harmony with natural seasonal cycles, and processing it all carefully by hand.
With a total surface area of approximately 20,000 square metres, equipped with the very latest technologies, Delizia 2000’s state-of-the-art production facility covers the entire production cycles of all of its product lines.
Delizia 2000 controls the entire production chain from field to jar, in collaboration with the most experienced partners in the sector, and attested by UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, BRC and IFS quality certifications.
The result is a genuine, simple and yet rich product, a feast of flavours that adds cheer to any meal.
Today, the assortment of Delizia 2000’s products range from traditional preserves of artichokes, olives, various types of mushrooms, peppers, aubergines, dried tomatoes and many other vegetables prepared by hand according to the most venerable rural recipes.


The quality of our products is certified according to the standards of the main international institutes. The ingredients used are grown following the ancient peasant traditions, to guarantee authenticity and quality.


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